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Analog (also known as PSTN) phone lines are traditional copper lines still used by many businesses and PBX systems. Analog lines are also used in combination with SIP channels to ensure redundancy during power or internet outages. IXICA is one of few Canadian providers that is able to provide both SIP and PSTN lines for your business, all under one bill.
Having both your SIP and Analog lines with IXICA also ensures better management, rollover of calls and proper features so that your business can take advantage of all the benefits of such a hybrid system.
Analog / PSTN lines are also sometimes necessary for alarm systems, certain fax machines and older payment processing terminals.
Or your business may simply not be ready for SIP channels.

Special Rate
per month / line
2 yr term required
*Available in Ontario & Quebec only
*Set-up charge of $75.00 per account applies
*Set-up charge of $120.00 per line applies
  All line features included
  Easily integrated with our SIP channels
  Rollover from/to SIP included
Get your analog phone lines from IXICA and enjoy the benefits of unlimited Canada & USA calling on all lines, free of charge!*
Our analog lines are delivered on Canada's #1 network, so that your customers can always reach you.
SIP Trunking with IXICA
a pdf guide
Download our pdf guide on the advantages of choosing IXICA as your SIP Trunks provider
Why deal with money back guarantees and refund policies when you can get it 100% free!
Let us give you any of our SIP Trunking services for a period of 30 days for zero dollars and no obligation.
*Free unlimited Canada & USA calling is provided on SIP chanhnels. Customer is responsible for having SIP compatible pbx, phone adapter or other such device. Unlimited calls are subject to our fair usage policy.