Work for a fast growing Canadian IT service provider. At IXICA we are always looking for new people with new ideas, talents and business proposals. As a Canadian IT services provider, we frequently seek applicants from all over Canada as well as from time to time internationally.

browse through our current positions and come back frequently to vew new job postings. The following job positions are currently open for applicants:

Sales Agents

job description:This job involves sales of IXICA's products and services to potential customers Canada wide. This can be a part-time or full-time position. Applicants may devote as many hours as available to them, and hence take this position in addition to any other job they currently have.

requirements:Any and all knowledge of foreign languages is greatly valued. Applicants must be permitted to work in Canada, if residing in Canada.

salary:This is a commission basis job. However commissions are paid on a residual basis. This means any new customer sales is commissioned each and every month for as long as the customer remains a customer of IXICA. Contact us for more details and current commission rates.

start date:Immediately

application process:send your resume by e-mail to and reference job title in your e-mail