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SIP Trunking
IXICA Wholesale SIP trunks are priced for a competitive market. Our SIP trunks are non-geographic, which itself is a unique feature in the market.
As one of Canada's largest SIP trunking providers, our network operates with high-availability and redundant servers and the latest in technology, so that our wholesale customers can provide stable and reliable services to their end users.
Many organizations today are seeking the most cost-effective and flexible way to transition to IP-based services. One highly-effective strategy is SIP (session initiation protocol) trunking. SIP trunking acts as a gateway to future network-based, productivity-enhancing applications by integrating voice capabilities with unified communications (UC) tools. With SIP trunking, you can enjoy the productivity, efficiency and customer service benefits of UC, while reducing disruption and infrastructure investment costs.
SIP Trunking service from IXICA is delivered over a mature and proven VoIP infrastructure. We povide wholesale SIP trunking to many Canadian, US and international service providers.
Through our own on-net access as well as through strong partnership with local & international ILECs and CLECs, we are able to aggregate coverage and provide your business with a single solution for all your wholesale needs.
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Service Features

A highly reliable and robust system design
Non-geographical and geographical trunks: Most service providers will only provide geographical SIP trunks. This means you will need SIP trunks from each rate center to which you are making calls.
6/6 Billing & 60/60 Billing
Unlimited Inbound Channels
DS0 Equivalent Billing
Benefits of our Network

Integrate new sites faster and more efficiently
Quickly react to evolving business needs
Optimize available infrastructure resources and bandwidth
Eliminate the need for multiple TDM trunking subscriptions and PSTN gateway interface devices
Simplify administration

Canadian, US & Global DIDs
IXICA provides SIP origination for Canadian, US & International DIDs. Our on-net network as well as our partnership with other ILEC, CLEC, and regional carriers allow us to pass the savings to you. We maintain a high inventory of numbers at all times and utilize predictive algorithms to maintain stock in high usage areas. IXICA offers the best domestic origination coverage. Through partnerships with dozens of ILECs and CLECs, we can offer numbers that are local to over 97% of the Canadian population. Over 1600 Canadian rate centers and over 3500 US rate centers are available for originating DID. Most domestic DIDs are in-stock and available for fast ordering.

Toll Free
Our wholesale Toll Free services are accessible from any ratecenter and region of Canada and the USA. We provide flat-rate billing on all inbound minutes. Toll Free services can be terminated onto any IXICA DID or your own IP switch / PBX. Take advantage of our flat-rate wholesale toll free services and give your clients services that are both affordable and reliable.

LNP - Canada & USA
With over 1600 rate centers across Canada and more than 3500 rate centers across the US, IXICA can virtually port any phone number from any carrier. Our LNP rates are highly competitive. Enable your clients to retain their existing phone numbers so that switching them to your from your competitors is a simpler task!

A - Z Termination
Canada on-net CLI Voice Traffic
With local presence in virtually every rate center across Canada, IXICA provides 100% stable & direct CLI voice traffic termination to many global carriers. Through our own Canadian network, we are able to provide the best competitive rates for your traffic into Canada.
...providing 450+ million minutes of Canadian voice traffic termination annually
Direct PSTN connectivity
All of our interconnects are directly to major ILECs and CLECs. This means that you get the highest quality VoIP experience possible.

100% CLI delivery
We deliver outbound Caller ID information on all domestic & international calls.

Multiple route options
We offer a multitude of rate deck options, including NPA-NXX, OCN/LATA, and flat-rate. Choose the coverage and routing options that you need.

Redundant network
If one upstream provider fails or if IP connectivity fails, our intelligent routing algorithm automatically and transparently modifies the route to fail over to the next best carrier or IP route. This is why we are able to offer a 99.989% SLA uptime guarantee.
Multiple registration options
Register with IXICA via IP or utilizing username/password combinations.

Support for all traffic types
Whether you need to make 10 concurrent calls or 1,000 concurrent calls, we can handle your traffic.

Supported audio codecs
IXICA supports the following codecs and we continually evaluate others: G.711u, G.711a.