SIP Trunking & Cloud Communications

Cloud PBX

All the features of an onsite PBX system, without the capital investment or onsite management.

IXICA's Cloud PBX platforms are designed for businesses of any size, including multi-location and virtual offices.

failover for each user/extension

user can be at a single location or multiple / mobile locations

free app for mobile users

free direct dial numbers for each user/extension

free virtual fax number for each user/extension

a dedicated accounts manager for personalized service and support

Some of the industries taking advantage of IXICA's cloud PBX platforms

•Travel Agencies


•Transport & Logistics

•Law Firms

•Medical Offices

•Real Estate Agencies

•Community Centers

•Tax & Accounting

and more...

Our network is built across multiple platforms and geographical locations to ensure a secure and reliable service for our clients

Cloud ICX Platform
any size, any project, anywhere!
starting at
per user / month
A cloud communications platform dedicated to service providers and organizations in need of robust enterprise PBX, video, presence, instant messaging, contact center features, conferencing, faxing, and mobility.

Cloud UCX Platform
for callcenters and customized applications
starting at
per user / month
Bring your business up to speed with latest in reliable Cloud SIP IP PBX Hosted Virtual based technology for all of your phone & UC services needs.

With UCx Cloud you can plug in your Analog, Digital and IP phones into your internet router and use web browser for your PCs/smartphones. These end points communicate with your own UCx instance in the Cloud for voice, video, fax, conferencing. You get access to all of the features and applications all for one price.

It's that simple for all of your office locations. All Features Included for Every User.