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Can my provider block me from porting out my number?
Local Number Porting
In Canada, a port out request can be refused by a provider only under certain circumstances such as number being no longer in service, an incorrect or unassigned number, or mismatch of name or service =>Continue reading...

What is a BTN?
Local Number Porting
Billing Telephone Number (BTN) is the main telephone number that is associated with your account.

All numbers associated with your account can be identified by your BTN.

An account can also have =>Continue reading...

Is my phone number portable?
Local Number Porting
Local numbers follow a numbering plan called NPA-NXX-XXXX. NPA is the area code of the number. NXX is typically the rate center. As an example 438-648-XXXX and 438-688-XXXX both have the same area cod =>Continue reading...