Home phone service for everyone!

How your information is used
Your information will be used for the purpose of billing, collections, 911 response as well as communicating with you. It is important that we have accurate information to ensure proper service.
Moving your current number
If you need to move your current number to us, you MUST upload a copy of all pages of your latest phone bill.
What is a VoIP adapter?
IXICA's phone services are VoIP based. Therefore you will need an adapter that plugs into your internet connection, where you can connect your home phone (cordless phone, etc).

Alternately you may use a softphone with our servives

If you already have one, ensure that you are able to log in as admin as well as know how to program it. If you do not have one, IXICA can provide you one for a one time charge. Your VoIP adapter is programmed and shipped for $99.00+taxes.