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E-MetroTel provides unified business communications systems to a global client base through leading edge telephony hardware and software. We deliver streamlined migration to complete solutions that tightly integrate digital, IP, analog, and Unified Communications (UC) capabilities.

Founded in 2009, E-MetroTel includes many former Nortel and Avaya employees with deep technical knowledge of our enterprise products and service offerings. Our design and support teams are based in the United States and Canada, with a global distribution and reseller network that provides seamless implementation for our customers.

You can’t run your business with only part of a communications solution.

That is why our Cloud Hosted solution provides everything for a very attractive price.

cloud ucx

Unlimited Voice

Using our Infinity 5000 line of phones or our InfinityONE application. With HD quality sound.

cloud ucx

Unlimited & Secure IM / Group Channels

using our InfinityONE application.

cloud ucx

File Sharing

One to one or with everyone in group channels. With InfinityONE.

cloud ucx


Always know who is available and who is not with Presence and Status indications. With InfinityONE.

cloud ucx


Work anywhere with full telephony features with InfinityONE.

Minutes Per Month* Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Minutes Per Month*
XSTIM Firmware Support**
Instant Messaging
Group Messaging
InfinityONE application
Contact Center Reporting
Presence / Collaboration
Multi-Party Conferencing
Unlimited Unlimited
Call Recording
Call Recording
Unified Messaging
Unlimited Unlimited
InfinityONE Operator Monitor 120 extensions Monitor 120 extensions
Digital Telephone Support***

Your own Private & Secure PBX in the cloud

cloud ucx

You have your own secure and private instance of our UCX PBX solution.

This means that you are not sharing telephony resources with other companies. And your instance includes dozens of telephony features like Multi-Party Conferencing, Voice Mail, Transfer, Find Me / Follow Me and a lot more.

For one price you have access to the same professional telephony that we provide with our appliance-based solutions used by thousands of customers world-wide.

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