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Toll Fraud Prevention & Customer Security

- Toll Fraud

Toll fraud is an unauthorized or fraudulent use of a phone system. Modern IP based phone systems (PBX) are prone to cyber attacks and fraudulent access unless properly secured. The phone system owner or user could incur costs, but the fraudsters do not.

- Fraudsters do not need physical access to your PBX. In fact almost all fraudulent use is performed remotely.

- Access to your PBX by unauthorized person(s) or organization(s) means you can end up with thousands of dollars of bills for calls.

As a customer, you are directly responsible for all calls that are made on your account. It is important that you contact your IT provider or IXICA to discuss this vulnerability.

IXICA's Business Terms of Service can be found at https://www.ixica.com/legal

While IXICA network security team will do their best to detect and prevent fraudulent use of your account, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure the security of your PBX.

Further information on fraud prevention can be obtained by contacting IXICA support team.

Most retail accounts provided by IXICA include Canada & US long distance calls.

However certain Canadian & US territories are not included and can be expensive destinations to call (Hawaii, Alaska, NWT, Yukon, Nunavut, etc).

808 (Hawaii)
867 (Nunavut, NWT & Yukon)
907 (Alaska)

In addition there are a number of countries that use the same country code and area code format like Canada & the US. They were originally part of the North American Numbering Plan Association (NANPA) and then decided to exit and charge their own rates.

Below is a list of non NANPA countries:

242 (Bahamas)
246 (Barbados)
264 (Anguilla)
268 (Antigua/Barbuda)
284 (The British Virgin Islands)
340 (The US Virgin Islands)
345 (Cayman Islands)
441 (Bermuda)
473 (Grenada)
509 (Haiti)
649 (The Turks & Caicos Islands)
664 (Montserrat)
670 (US Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands)
671 (Guam)
684 (American Samoa)
721 (Sint Maarten)
758 (St. Lucia)
767 (Dominica)
784 (Saint Vincent & the Gredadines)
787 & 939 (Puerto Rico)
809, 829 & 849 (Dominican Republic)
869 (St. Kitts & Nevis)
868 (Trinidad & Tobago)
876 (Jamaica)

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